Wednesday, February 16, 2011

(o≧∇≦)o Good morning~

 Yuuka and I had come out of a photoshoot thus the wigs haha.

Good morning everyone! I know I haven't updated for a while but that's because I haven't had much to update ._. Well, pictures that go with my update. but I do have some from Chinese New Years! I'll talk about my weekend though :3 Chinese New Years post will come after this.

Anyways, last weekend, it was kind of a friend weekend. On Saturday, it was decided that we go ice skating! I hadn't gone for a while so I decided to go with them. It was from 8-11 but that was too long. Actually, before we even ice skated, there was a match between UNLV and a Northern Arizona team. It was actually interesting. Haha. We got to see stuff that we didn't think was allowed in a hockey match. But anyways, Yuuka came with us and she hadn't ice skated before! We all helped her a bit and by the end, she was able to skate smoothly.

We skated till 10, since half of us were dead by the time we decided to stop. Haha. I wanted to do more but I was sleepy and hungry. Not a good combination. We found a Denny's nearby and we ordered from there. I ordered a sandwich and cheese sticks~ I was a fatty that daaay. But it was a fun time. We talked a lot, showed a couple of videos and the like. I have to admit that it was highly entertaining. But after that, we all went home. I stayed on the computer and  then finally slept. So that was pretty much my day haha. I'll talk later of the Chinese New Years Festival :3 It was definitely fun.

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