Tuesday, February 8, 2011

(。・ω・) My room~

So I felt like sharing a bit of my room for the time being. Only because I probably won't be able to post anything interesting until this weekend so I'm kind of just putting in fillers. Anyways! I'll be giving you the ever so small tour of my bedroom. Haha. :3

This is currently what my door looks like. haha. There are hooks at the top so I can hang things and what I have on it currently is a bathrobe, two jackets, and a bag. Most of the time I actually just drop things onto the floor XD;; But currently, my church member is visiting homes out of random and basically I'm trying to keep it clean as possible. Well, actually without the exception of my desk. That thing is a storm. Haha. As you can see there's a mirror next to it but there really is no reason for it to be there. And I'll show in just a sec why. :3

This in fact is where I keep my jewelry. It's been a while since I've actually corganized everything but it really doesn't help XD;; Despite the fact I rarely wear jewelry, I love them to death. Anything with hearts, stars, and cats, I would love to wear them. Cats really are random but can't be helped haha. Below is where I keep junk most of the time and nothing important. A flute, speakers, cases and that's it.

Now this is my desk area XD;; This is where I keep random things as you can see. Ranging from plushies, wigs, hats, banks, pens, paper, folders, etc. Haha. But I barely have room in my room to begin with. But I do have a lot of stuff. This is basically everything that doesn't fit into my room is put at.

Now this is my bookcase. This is where I put everything that is books, folders, sketchbooks, notebooks, and all that. I mostly have manga since we have the shelves in the living room for all the books at least. As you can see, it's in the corner right beside my piano and my table of which where my computer lay before I got my laptop. XD

And THIS is my beloved keyboard. I'm a pianist but my parents didn't want to continuously tune my old piano so they bought me this. Currently it has my bible, as well as Hamlet and Macbeth on top of it. Aside from my piano books. I have folders full of sheet music, a few sheet music here and there and plenty of other books for piano. :3 I do have one music sheet collection book that I had bought and that is the FFVIII set.

Now this is the reason why I don't need that mirror by my door. I have floor length, door for closet thing. Haha. It was perfect to practice dances in front of it but my parents decided to move my bed one weekend and organized my room again. It's nice but I just don't like the fact that I can't dance in front of it anymore. You can see dog slippers under there haha. And the pile of wires is where I plug everything that is in need of outlets. So it's actually quite a lot.

And look! My bed haha. Oh god I love this bed. It has a bed heater so for winters, I'm nice and warm! It's definitely something that everyone should have. This is NOT what my bed looks like. Most of the time, my blankets are all tousled and messy. I straightened it because I didn't want it to look messy at all for a picture haha. As you can have probably guessed, this is half a bunk bed. My brother and I used to sleep in bunk beds when we lived in Cali but of course we grew. And we moved so we changed it all but separating them. He still has the other half in his room as well.

These are those that don't belong XD The plastic bags mainly hold fabric and the brown one actually carries my boots! The green is foam that I was using when I was trying to make Rin's headphones but gave up and the box holds bunch of junk. The things in the blue drawers are just old stuff that can't be placed anywhere in the house. And the stuffed animals? I don't have a place to put them actually XD;; So I just leave them there really.

So that is the tour of my room! Haha. Hope you enjoyed that XD


  1. They say the composition of a room offers insight into its inhabitant.

  2. Ahhh, your dresser has so many adorable things on it *w*

  3. Now all you need is a Matryoshka jacket.

  4. Hehehe. Very cute stuff. I like seeing people's bedrooms 0_0 I am a weirdo.