Saturday, January 15, 2011

First Entry~ ☆Hey!ヽ('ー'#)/ Hello!☆

Hello everyone! My name is Suzume! Nice to meet you. This is my first entry into my blog and I really hope that I can keep up with keeping a daily blog! Above is me and as you can see I kind of just got out of bed haha. For this post, this is  going to just be a bit about me.

So about me, I was born in Northridge, California and had lived there for a few years before moving to Las Vegas, Nevada. I am a cosplayer and had started back at Anime Expo 2006. I haven't stopped since. It's a passion of mine and I really do like it! I have a cosplay group and I have many partners and friends that are into it to. It isn't something that I think I would be giving up any time soon! Anyways, a few other things about me will be in list form now! :3

♪ I like to sing. A lot X3 I do karaoke a lot with my friends to!
♪ I like to dance as well and I am currently learning a few right now!
♪ I really love sweets. My favorite has to be cakes. <3
♪ I like to design things when I'm bored!
♪ I play the piano and even though I'm quite not that good, it's a good hobby that I picked up.
♪ I love animals to death X3 I currently own a pitbull/shephard mix that we adopted from the SPCA in Vegas. :3 She's a sweetie.
♪ I'm always finding a new anime or manga to watch or read everyday. :3
♪ I LOVE Pokemon. Hee hee :3. Well, the games. I grew tired of the anime. But I do read the manga.
♪ I'm friendly~! Don't hesitate to comment or anything.
♪ I love listening to music! It's my favorite thing to do when I want to relax.
♪ I love reading books. I always have ever since I was a child. Writing is also another thing that I favor.

Well~ That's it for now. If you have something to ask of me then please do so :3 I thank you for visiting my page!